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Written for Vocal Art Ensemble of Sweden & Jan Yngwe

The Hymn of Acxiom (mixed choir)

Mixed choir a cappella (also available for female choir a cappella)

The Hymn Of Acxiom was released on the album Aims by songwriter and artist Vienna Teng in 2013. The lyrics highlight the human role in consumer society by giving voice to the large company Acxiom, which collects data about us to sell to other companies in order to track our habits. "Somebody hears you… Someone is learning the colors of all your moods." The piece concludes with an unexpected 'Amen'. Has consumption replaced our need for deeper meaning and spirituality?  In September 2015, the CD "Urgency of Now" (Footprint Records) was released featuring the choir Vocal Art Ensemble of Sweden and conductor Jan Yngwe, where The Hymn of Acxiom can be heard. 

Henrik Dahlgren


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