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I am always considering new projects and commissions and I would love to hear about your idea, however big or small it may be!

Commissioning a piece or arrangement can be very rewarding for a musical group. If your mission is to stimulate the creation of new music, this is an obvious step to take - and once the piece is written and performed, the name of your ensemble will travel with it on the score!

Commissioning a piece from me means that you get a "Dahlgren-style" piece, but with your artistic demands at the center of the creation. Commissioning my music is also the best way to support my artistry and the development of new choral music.
When contacting me, please keep the following in mind:

  • The fee I charge is the standard fee of the Swedish Society of Composers, with the possibility of negotiation;

  • Texts and copyrights are an intricate business. If you have a text to suggest, please keep in mind that if it is not public domain, it will take time to get a copyright license. The copyright shareholder may also charge a fee for said license, if they do accept to release it;

  • If you have a topic or a subject in mind as opposed to a specific text, I can do a research and give suggestions. I also work with lyricists who can come up with a tailored text, if need be.

To be able to respond to your request accurately, I need the following information:

  • Sugested date of score delivery;

  • Suggested length of the piece;

  • Voice distribution or instrumentation (with specifics: divisi or no divisi; a particular noteworthy range that one of your sections can pull off that would be nice to highlight; and so on...);

  • A description of your ensemble (level, membership, previous projects; and so on...);

  • A link to your website, social media or other platforms where I can get a deeper understanding of your sound and mission;

  • Text suggestion, concert theme, or a particular writer you have in mind;

  • Date, time, and place of the performance.

Please refer to the Contact page to reach me.

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